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Domenico is a computer scientist with interest for Artificial Intelligence, Information Systems, and  Security. He has good organizing and planning skills, and is critically creative in to analyzing data and informations. 
He likes public speaking.

Joined at Order of Engineers of Siena, number 1097

At the age of 16 years I decided to start one of my dreams come true. When I was  a child I always wanted for my toys to move, so...
Math, Physics, Statistics ... It grows more and more awareness, the importance of the studies. I think I'll never stop study and learning and discover!
During my work experience I had the good fortune to meet people that made me better, in every sense.
As bet with friend. I made an Excel tool that allows users to easily create animated graphics from data in Excel. It was a great adventure and a great experience. It made me interact with people from all over the world





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Aidii 2012
Atti del 29° Congresso Nazionale A.I.D.I.I.
I.Pinto, N. Stacchini, A. Bogi, D. Gioia, F. Picciolo, P. Nataletti, P. Rossi, M. Borra, R. Falsaperla, E. Marchetti, A. Militello, F. Sacco, O. Nicolini.
Prevenzione del rischio da agenti fisici: lo sviluppo del portale agenti fisici.

dBA Incontri 2011
Andrea Bogi, Domenico Gioia, Iole Pinto, Nicola Stacchini, Francesco Picciolo
Esempi applicativi per la determinazione dei livelli di esposizione professionale da ROA mediante l'utilizzo del portale PAF

"The great thing about software is that anyone with a PC can do experiments, it is only a matter of time"


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